George Takei's Web Cam
Hello. I am George Takei.  Welcome to my webcam.  I am not doing much.  Just sitting at my computer.   That should be enough for you though because I am George Takei.  Ha Ha Ha.

Most webcams I've found on the web have young girls doing pornography.  I don't do that.  But if you are looking for something sexy look no further.  I am very sexy! I know this because I am George Takei! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.
This is me. I like to party!
Ha ha Ha ha Ha!
I am George Takei!
Here I am at my computer. I am smiling! Welcome to my webcam! That's what I am thinking.  Whew. I hate to type.
Oh well.
I saw a guy in Venice Beach.  When I saw him I thought is that Leonard Nimoy in drag?  But no, it was not Leonard Nimoy. It was just some guy.  Much later, I thought, "IF Leonard Nimoy and Joey Ramone had a love child, THEN it would look like that guy."  Sadly, I didn't take a picture of that guy. So, I created an artists rendering.  Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.  Please don't be mad at me, Lenny! I'm just kidding. Lenny can't be mad at me. I am George Takei!
Back to where
you came from
The other day, I was thinking about that episode where Spock and Captain Kirk fight on the planet Vulcan. I wasn't in that one much.   I wasn't in a lot of them much. Lenny and Bill got all the best stuff.  It's okay. I'm not mad. I am George Takei!  Some people don't know that William Shatner is bald.  He never takes a picture without his piece.  Here is an artists rendering of what he looks like bald. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.  This is so funny. It is done in loving jest.
Don't be mad Bill!
People always want to know if I ever saw Nichelle Nichols naked.  My answer is no.  Of course, if I did. I would not tell you because I am George Takei. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.  Here is a picture of Uhura in her miniskirt.  Be careful with this dish, it's very hot!
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